Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"28 Days of Love" Week 2

Ok. Ok.  I know.  I was supposed to post this on Sunday, but it didn't happen.  Sunday was just a lazy day around the house.  We went to church, had small group, ate lunch, and then we crashed on the couch.  And I could have posted this yesterday, but the kiddos were out of school, and we just had to go sledding.  You understand, right?!

So here we are...Tuesday...and I'm just getting this posted.  If you are reading this for the first time, please read my original post on the "28 Days of Love".  The pastor at my church has challenged us to learn what it truly means to love people the way Jesus does.  If you have been following along, please share with us the ways you have been able to love on others and what God is teaching you through the process of self-sacrificing love.

Here's your assignment for Week 2:

Day 8:  Meet Someone New.  Take the initiative to meet someone you don't already know...at church, in the neighborhood, at a store.  Push through awkwardness, introduce yourself and find out two or three things about them.  Write their name(s) down and pray for them later.

Day 9:  Cross a barrier.  Seek out someone who seems different from you in background, status, race, ethnicity, or religion, and engage them in conversation.   Seek to understand them better.  Listen more than talking.

Day 10:  Love your neighbor.  Call a neighbor, see how they are doing.

Day 11:  Offer to watch a friend's children.  Many people would feel loved if a trusted friend offered to watch their children for an evening so they could go out, run errands, decompress, or whatever their heart desired.  Try it!

Day 12:  Pray with someone.  Ask the Spirit of God to lay someone on your heart whom He knows needs your prayers.  Call them up or visit them, ask how you might pray for them, and do it...right then!

Day 13:  Love your church family.  If you haven't yet made your 2011 financial pledge to support God's work at your church, delay no longer!  Love through giving!

Day 14:  Bake it!  Make an extra meal or bake a batch of cookies and surprise someone with it.  Bless someone with food!  If you can't cook worth a darn, take someone out for a meal or coffee and offer to buy.

There you have it!  Now go out there and share God's love!!



These Are The Days said...

Love it, I'll have to give it a try and follow along.

Are you entered to win my Love Banner GIVEAWAY???


Kelli said...

Call you neighbor...that will be hard for me. This is such a heart opening challenge that is going to make big changes in me to show God's love.

Lissa said...

this might sound silly but this morning during my run i decided to smile at everyone I passed and say good morning. Goes with your theme. The verse on my chalk board reads Love your neighbor as yourself and I'm trying to be better about that.

LeAnna said...

I love this idea!

Zane Wooder said...
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