Friday, March 4, 2011

Boys from Uganda

I would like you to meet Daniel, Simon, and Isaac.  (left to right)  These sweet boys are our new friends from Uganda.  They stayed with us this past week and have truly been a blessing to our home.  They will be in the States until June while they travel with the Mwangaza Children's Choir.

We had a great time sharing our culture with these kiddos.  They were tasting rice krispie treats for the first time.  Needless to say it was a hit!  Who doesn't love rice krispie treats??

And it is offical...Nerf guns are loved by ALL boys.  Every night all of the boys were gather upstairs for their "Epic Nerf Battles"  followed by peels of laughter.  By the way, doesn't Simon just have a beautiful face?

Its amazing to me that these kids had just learned to ride a bike about 2 weeks before they were at our house.   They looked like they had been riding them for years!

And this was the 2nd time they had been swimming...EVER!!  Can you imagine?  Daniel was doing great!  Can't you just see him on the Ugandan Olympic swimming team someday?!

And sweet little Isaac.  This kid has a smile that can melt your heart.  He is always happy...especially when he's eating mangos!

My kids really loved having these boys staying with us.  They left today, but they will be back in 2 weeks for 3 more days.  We can't wait to see them again.

If you are interested in seeing their choir perform, you can check out there website Mwangaza Children's Choir.


Jennifer said...

Beautiful images of these sweet boys and your family sharing life.

Kelli said...

What a blessing you are to open your home to those boys (and make them rice crispy treats!). I know they had a blast with your boys...and the bikes and swimming. Beautiful :)

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