Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cream & Black

Confession:  I'm not the greatest at decorating.  I enjoy looking at beautifully decorated rooms.  I like to read magazines full of decorating ideas.  I even have some great ideas in my noodle, but they just seem to stay there.  Locked up.

But when it comes to getting all of the finishing details into a room, I get distracted.  I would LOVE to have someone professionally decorate my house.  (honestly, I would love to be able to afford someone to professionally decorate my house)

About 3 years ago, my husband and I remodelled our kitchen.  (I will post pics of that some other time)  I have always had a hard time deciding what in the world should go on top of my cabinets.  Its really like "no man's land".  Suddenly I decided that I would just keep everything cream and black. 

Over time I have collected several pieces.  These are a sample of some of those things. 



Kelli said...

I have always liked what you have on top of your cabinets. I'm at a loss too about what to do with mine. Great pictures!!!

Debbie Pitts said...

Cool idea! You are your own Picasso!!!

Keriann said...

I think that you are a creative genious :) Beautiful stuff, girl!

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